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You know you’re German when …
this is one of the cutest commercials you’ve ever seen! 

Du weißt, dass du Deutsch bist, wenn …
dies eine der niedlichsten Werbungen ist, die du jemals gesehen hast!

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  • when my parents don't answer my phone call: they must not be home. i'll try again later.
  • when i don't answer my parents' phone call: HE'S DEAD


I just want to say that this is why minority representation in the media matters. Mae Jemison was inspired to become an astronaut after watching Nichelle Nichols as Uhura on Star Trek. 

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Happy 49th birthday Doctor Who!  -  original Radio Times feature and TV billing

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Anonymous said: in regards to the robin gifset, you need to chill the fuck out. who even cares? half the people watching it wouldnt know who tf dick greyson is.

"who even cares?" says the chicken shit anonymous nolan stan who has this burning need to start a fight over something i posted three days ago.

i don’t think i’m the one who needs to chill out here, lmao.

ok thanksgiving isn’t even over yet but it’s pusheen so i forgive you

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